Using the iWALK2.0 Hands-free Crutch

Fitting is Everything!

Get these three things right, and you’ll succeed


Adjust both the upper and lower section of the crutch to the correct height.


Tighten the straps really tight.No.. really, really tight. For control and stability, you want the iWALK to become an integral part of your leg. So cinch ’em down!

Angled Right

Sooooo important! And the most overlooked adjustment. Fortunately, it’s easy! Don’t skip this essential step- follow our instructions to the letter, but first watch the three short videos below.

Get Familiar with iWALK controls

Height Adjusting

Thigh Supports

Foot Adjusting

Calf Slider Mount


Determining Your Leg Type (and why it matters)

Adjusting Your iWALK 2.0 Straps The Right Way

Fitting Instructions – How to Fit Your iWALK2.0

Download the PDF version of the detailed Assembly, Fitting, and Use instructions:

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