Achilles Injury Crutches

The iWALK3.0 is a revolutionary alternative to crutches

Crutches take away 3 of your 4 limbs – the iWalk hands-free crutch gives them all back!

If you could walk reasonably well, absolutely unassisted, prior to your achilles injury then the iWALK3.0 can restore your mobility. Find out if the iWALK is a suitable alternative to crutches for you.

Torn or ruptured achilles tendon

RECOVERY TIME: Recovery of the torn Achilles tendon or ruptured Achilles tendon can often take upwards of 3 months. Ruptures of tears to the Achilles tendon that require surgery can take upwards of 12 months to fully heal.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Tears and ruptures of the Achilles tendon are described as a “popping” at the back of the ankle that typically results in pain and swelling.

UNTREATED ACHILLES: Repeated tears or ruptures can weaken the Achilles tendon. It is particularly important to let the Achilles tendon fully heal before becoming weight bearing and before resuming typical activity levels. Not properly treating an Achilles tendon injury can lead to chronic pain, permanent damage and inability to perform at typical activity levels.

With an iWALK3.0 as your crutch alternative, you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle for weeks or months as your injury heals. Instead you can get back to a normal daily routine – going to work, shopping, playing with the kids, exercising, you can live the lifestyle you did before your injury.

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