Below-the-knee Amputee Crutches

Hands-free crutches for lower-leg amputees

The iWALK3.0 works well as a temporary prosthetic for lower leg amputees.

Many below-the-knee amputees use one in situations when they don’t want to don their prosthetic leg, for example showering, taking short trips, at the gym, beach etc. The mounts for the calf strap are free to slide forward and back on the “rails” which are integral to the side of the knee platform. You can position the strap in different locations to accommodate residual limbs as short as four inches .

In the USA the iWALK is commonly used as a prosthetic training device for new amputees who are learning to walk on a prosthetic or for those who cannot yet tolerate a prosthetic limb. Also, if your prosthetic limb isn’t available, for example, if it’s getting repaired, the iWALK3.0 is your best substitute.

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